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I write this blog personally focused mostly on tech-related articles, but I sometimes write about my day to day experience as a web developer. I feel that this is an excellent way to channel my ideas and thoughts through this blog.

I write what I feel is essential on current modern technology, or what the future technology beholds. And maybe some special tools/things that can be used to create a better internet experience

It is incredible to know what we don’t know. I think that those with the thirst for knowledge can change this world. I have that thirst, and I quench it by not only learning about new technology and other things, I also share it with you, through this blog.

  • What is Twitch?

    Twitch is a prominent online streaming video. Twitch streams can be seen on the official Twitch site and through one of the numerous formal Twitch applications which are accessible for…
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  • What is Tor?

    Have you at any point needed to use the Internet secretly? Browser’s with “incognito” or “private window” don’t accurately cut it. On the off chance that you need absolute anonymity,…
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  • 10 awesome most have freeware for your Mac

    Vanilla Vanilla hides certain status bar icons that you don’t wish to display all the time. It’s very useful for keeping your status area clean, as…
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  • My first Machine Learning project - PART 2

    I trained my AI with a little bit more data! I have trained my AI with a bit more data and categories.Now you get a little bit more information. Hot…
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  • My first Machine Learning project

    To understand what the script does line by line I have been reading a lot about AI and machine learning lately. Big company Like Google,…
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