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1. Startup

We start with that together with you we form an idea of what you want.This can sometimes be difficult for customers to put into words, but we are good at reading what you are actually looking for.

2. Prototype

When we have clear what you are looking for, the work starts to develop a prototype (mockup) to see that we are on the same line. This step may look a little different depending on how in-depth design changes you are looking for. When the prototype is ready, we go through and make sure that you are satisfied with the result.

3. Development

When you are satisfied with how the prototype looks and works, the work begins to build the website. During the process you will receive updates and may follow along on the journey to the finished website. Of course we build the page so that it is search engine friendly and according to all the rules of art. We can help you write texts or go through your texts in order for them to be adapted to perform well in the search engines.

4. Follow-up

When your new website is finished, we go through everything together and make sure that you are satisfied to a thousand. Then we help you publish the website online. We also have solutions for maintenance and hosting if you want help with it. Many customers continue to be customers in the form of search engine optimization and keyword advertising.

What does a new website cost?

The price for working with us depends on how extensive the job is. After doing an analysis of what will be required to reach your expectations and goals, you get a free quote.

Requirements analysis workshop

We help our customers transform business requirements into IT requirements.We analyze and prepare decision-making data including utility analyzes based on an operational analysis.


Ready to make something special?

Whether you’re just beginning your minimum viable product, or need help iterating on an established application or website, let’s team up.

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