Vanilla hides certain status bar icons that you don’t wish to display all the time. It’s very useful for keeping your status area clean, as well as allows you to move around any of the status icons around the upper dock.

While I mainly use it to delete temporary files, CleanMyMac has a suite of tools that keeps your Mac running like it was brand new. It’s also got a brilliantly clean UI.

Okay, kind of a joke tool, but definitely worth the value. Magnet is basically just a recreation of Window’s “snap” tool, which allows you to snap windows or apps to certain portions of the screen. Makes it a lot easier for organizing multiple windows on any single desktop screen.

Spectacle – window management tool.

Wine – to run .exe program.

Helium – a floating browser window

Franz – messaging app

f.lux – it makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day

Airtable – Calendar and table Ap at the same time

Bubble Browser – Organizing Notes from Evernote

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