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Let me take care of your website.

All websites require regular care; updates, security checks, optimization and troubleshooting. Hacking your website can affect its status online, and if your email is classified as spam and does not arrive, you can lose big business. Fixing this takes time and costs twice: Both missing income and consulting time.
So, if you have invested big money in a WordPress site, why not trust the people who know WordPress inside and out? Let the pros take care of and protect your site.

Timebank Hours

You can save your hours to use later.

4h : 600 kr/h
8h: 500kr/h
15h+: 450kr/h


Website Dashboard

To keep track of all updates, GDPR, and other futures of your site, I build my own dashboard.


We value quality, security, and stability. For our Swedish websites, we always use Oderland.
Oderland provides Redis in-memory cache for WordPress sites, that makes the websites load super fast!

AWS Solutions

We always recommend using AWS solutions for a reliable & scalable website that performances fast.
AWS offers many services that you can use, the most common services I work with are S3, Edge locations & API getaway.

Ready to make something special?

Whether you’re just beginning your minimum viable product, or need help iterating on an established application or website, let’s team up.

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