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With experience and knowledge in several platforms and technologies, we can offer a user-friendly, modular, fast website.

Blockpress - Custom Starter Theme

With our Content Blocks content strategy, you no longer need to create websites with HTML in the content editor!Blocks are structured pieces of content that remove the need for cluttered markup interspersed with your content.
In each project, After requirements analysis we produce a number of Blocks that can be used to build up the content on the website.Each website for its cutting-edge blocks that they can use in different places to display different types of content such as pictures, texts, slideshows … In this way, the customer can easily upload pages by choosing some blocks that fit the content that the customer wantsshow.

Block Generator

Exclusive access to Block Generator that can be reused for developers only. Block Generator is a CLI application for importing and exporting blocks.


Every Block is a unique bit of code. for every block, we do front-end & backend setup.
Every time we import the block we update the dependencies the block use to keep your website updated with the latest updates!

Webpack 4

We use Webpack 4 as a zero-configuration module bundler. The template is using every bit of Webpack to minimize the package and the page size.

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